Dear friends and interested parties,

It is my pleasure to share with you some thoughts regarding my role in the fantasy world that is the School of Thought.

As the eminent founder and current principle of this body of knowledge, I consider myself, given the absence of dissent, director of my own play-within-a-play.

Practically speaking I should apply myself, when not procrastinating, to drawing mental pictures of people around me who have a role in the world I am hoping to bring to life. A good director after all must know the actors, along with the set, the context, the wardrobe, etc. I wish to help my “actors” act-out the role they were born to play: themselves. I hope that by encouraging folks to describe and situate themselves, by organising the appropriate props and settings, by situating my self, and by bringing things together in such a manner as to provide for irresistible turns of events, they may better enact their true selves.

These selves go against the grain of the false real, bringing the real false into play, as a convincing, even inspiring, imperative, rather than merely a faux-pas.

While being a director, I am also present in my play, where there are other actor-directors, other plays, interrelated, with shared actors and overlapping plot and so on. This play is particular insofar as people consciously play themselves, where the ever-changing world-story emancipates itself, unfolds honestly for as long and as many times as it can.

There is, admittedly, nothing to be gained from convincingly faking mutual self-determination, as compared to actual emancipation, if, that is, one does not see the difference between what could be and what is.

With great enthusiasm,

Faiz Abhuani


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