On the limits of socialism/ideology, says Anais Nin to Gonzalo

November 17, 2012

“Not all of us were intended to be tied down to daily humdrum work. Some of us who rejected monotonous daily tasks developed a magnificent gift for living. You have a capacity to bloom in leisure, unknown to men at work, men in harness. You have a genius for friendship, for love, for human life. In others this becomes atrophied. You bring great gifts to living. You bring an openness to adventure, a poetry, fantasy, and imagination that spring from the habit of pursuing pleasure and freedom. No man in harness knows how to exploit the present until it yields up its intimate perfumes for the next day’s task. This channelizing of energy which does not run free produces atrophy in human life. The gratuitous pleasures, the habit of waiting for things to bloom, time and patience to cultivate the bloom, time and patience to cultivate the blooms of developing friendships to their greatest fruition, this is never attained by the disciplined worker. They become ‘clocked’ by patterns which crystallize, harden them.”


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