August 6, 2012

Real men know how to live their lives
without asking anyone’s permission.

Sweet oblivion is the masses’ demand!
Deprive them of free love, and they’ll seize everything else!
That led to revolution. It led to fascism and doomsday.
How Man Became a Giant. Deutschland uber alles!
The goose-stepping, mass-marching orgasm!
[Cheering, Applause]

The bloodstream orgasm of the alcoholic or junkie!
[Applause, Cheering]

The cerebral orgasm of dogmatists or religious mystics!
[Applause, Cheering]

The muscular orgasm of compulsive workers, athletes and artists!
[Applause, Cheering]

[Brass Band Continues]
Deprive youth of their right to the sweet electricity of sex
and you rob them of their mental health!
Children and youth are entitled
to the happiness of the genital embrace!

Back to our own, our true human nature!
Restore to every individual the right
to love! “


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