December 13, 2010

What is the equitable degree of fame?

– assuming half the population as adults living out fame for one year through a 20 year generation, there can be 150,000,000 (or 5%) simultaneously famous people in the world

– this would mean that each person would have to have no more than 20 exclusive fans, that is the egalitarian threshold of fame; if someone is the object of significantly more recognition, they are idols

There’s nothing wrong with giving credit where it’s due. The question is, at what cost. Certainly, attention is not mutually exclusive, and posthumous recognition cannot be foretold. Also, depending on how we define the values, fair recognition can be extended significantly, at least from the standpoint of the ordinary person. But let the number be 200, the proportions in question don’t change the relevant equation by very much, because to be famous in the world today one must be recognized by at least millions of people (egalitarian fame solution / existing fame in global society = 20/gazillions = 200/gazillions = n/near infinity = about zero). These numbers speak not to the fact, but to the exaggerated valuation of some people over others, some values over others. Millionaires don’t take much from me personally, but they do take from what each of our little surplus could yield when gathered on our account. The same, I suspect, hold for fame.


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