in the same order of thought

December 7, 2010

In many respects, those who aspire to fortune or security, or anything that rests on money and privilege, could just as well aspire to such things under more challenging circumstances. But it seems as though the circumstances themselves are negotiable, despite these being mutually exclusive. They are lazy, those who are above others, because they don’t want the extra work that less money, less recognition, less space, and less patient assistance would entail. Nevermind that many more hustle with very little, though they can’t be as sure of themselves, despite the crazy stories they could tell. Perhaps the successful rich think themselves enlightened and better acquainted with what is worth wanting. God knows how they explain why such naturally desirable things cannot be obtained by every natural and real flesh-and-blood person of this world, either now in the richest countries and richest cities of the world, on in any empire of civilised history going back as far as when much of the world was uncolonised.

Not that there’s anything wrong with being lazy. Though the same cannot be said of denial and projection of shame.


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