will is selfish

April 14, 2010

to say that everything rests in a single moment is to say that something is of the essence in every moment. somehow by some cruel intention of god, this is only evident when rare occurrences, as predictable as they may be, unfold. all is in place and nothing seems to fit, just as at an estranged sibling’s birthday party, thirty years into life.

yet, though we could hardly exchange words, much less letters, we never gave it a second thought that we had never really known each other. there’s something about them, these estranged siblings, whose names spell history and temperament more clearly than divine statement.

so should i be taken, whether it would be with those i’ve never known or never met, what does it matter? my family and friends are your’s and your’s mine. all that there is for itself is will, alone and content without us, ours to it but its none and no one’s.


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