what do you want from me

April 14, 2010

i can’t help it but yearn for freedom. i’ve been this way for almost as long as i’ve been a thinker, which i’ve been since being placed in school.

what i want is to be with others, many others. to laugh, to get past yearning to be touched by them, to be equals, to sympathise and be part of something meaningful and necessary, something that has a sound. i want to be with people whose struggle is worthwhile and a victory in its very enactment.

i don’t want politics to get in the way anymore. i’m fed up with this. i want people who are ready to give themselves, and i don’t care how they do it. i am fed up of having to pretend without my consent, much less my desire. i want that what i do makes me beautiful. i can have this for free, but i won’t, even if the cost is up to me.


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