April 14, 2010

Reading this thing:

“If force be interposed in any of these three cases [monarchy, aristocracy, democracy], it must either frame the government to the foundation, or the foundation to the government; or holding the government not according to balance, it is not natural, but violent; and therefore if it be at the devotion of a prince, it is tyranny; if at the devotion of the few, oligarchy; or if in the power of the people, anarchy.”

Which made think. Nowadays, what with democracy being so ubiquitous and market failure leading to what can only be seen with great difficulty as little more than anarchy, to be an anarchist is to be astute, for sure, but no different from any other astute person, no matter their concern with the world. What we’re getting at, really, is not a form of governance, but something that can in theory be, has at times been, and is in places, common to all forms of polity. But this means that some contexts do indeed require that je-ne-sais-quoi to come from our perspective. This perspective is a sensibility to what is and what could be. And indeed, the world can be seen as a state without government, or stateless governance,  ruled by no one: not, realistically, a group of people, and hardly a large mass of people. More people than ever before are actors, mostly in their being affected and thus affecting, or vice-versa, in a shared political scene. If  anarchy it is, then so is it anarchism. Embroidery between incongruent threads makes for incoherent patterns. Much can be made sense of if the battle between forms of government are disentangled for what they are, of which one can learn a great deal about from observing encounters among ourselves.



April 14, 2010

take me away

to where we were

just yesterday


please don’t tell me

all good things

must come to an end


oh how i love being

with you

on the streets and


across fields in

baren parts of this

endless city


let’s dance again

and hold each other

steady amidst

the turbulent days

of our unended lives


every waking hour

is fading memory

and retelling is drawing closer

to what you want – ever further

from what you had


all good things, i suppose

must come to an end

in and of themselves disappeared

having become a part of us

will is selfish

April 14, 2010

to say that everything rests in a single moment is to say that something is of the essence in every moment. somehow by some cruel intention of god, this is only evident when rare occurrences, as predictable as they may be, unfold. all is in place and nothing seems to fit, just as at an estranged sibling’s birthday party, thirty years into life.

yet, though we could hardly exchange words, much less letters, we never gave it a second thought that we had never really known each other. there’s something about them, these estranged siblings, whose names spell history and temperament more clearly than divine statement.

so should i be taken, whether it would be with those i’ve never known or never met, what does it matter? my family and friends are your’s and your’s mine. all that there is for itself is will, alone and content without us, ours to it but its none and no one’s.

what do you want from me

April 14, 2010

i can’t help it but yearn for freedom. i’ve been this way for almost as long as i’ve been a thinker, which i’ve been since being placed in school.

what i want is to be with others, many others. to laugh, to get past yearning to be touched by them, to be equals, to sympathise and be part of something meaningful and necessary, something that has a sound. i want to be with people whose struggle is worthwhile and a victory in its very enactment.

i don’t want politics to get in the way anymore. i’m fed up with this. i want people who are ready to give themselves, and i don’t care how they do it. i am fed up of having to pretend without my consent, much less my desire. i want that what i do makes me beautiful. i can have this for free, but i won’t, even if the cost is up to me.

April 14, 2010

it’s funny

to wake up in an animal’s body